Sergey-IsayenkoSergey Isayenko (Saber)

Sergey Isayenko has 17 years of competitive experience and 9 years of coaching experience.
Sergey started fencing at the age of 8 in Ukraine. Throughout his fencing career, Sergey was a two-time National Champion (2002, 2004), two-time bronze medalist at Junior World Championships as part of Ukrainian national team (2000, 2001), and 2005 NCAA Champion as part of St John’s University team.
During his coaching career Sergey prepared national champions on youth, cadet and junior level, and had several students that made USA cadet and junior national teams. He served as USA mens saber national coach for 2009, 2010, and 2011 junior/cadet world championships. Sergey was elected as USA Youth Olympic Games head coach in Singapore in 2010 were he led team USA to earn bronze medal.
He received a Masters degree at the National University of Physical Education and Sports in Kiev, Ukraine.

Notable Students:

Will Spear
Y10, Y12, Y14 National Champion
Medalist at NACs
2009 Cadet National Champion
2010 Junior Olympics Junior and Cadet Champion
USA Cadet National Team 2009, 2010
USA Junior National Team 2011
9th place at Cadet World Championships, Baku 2010
Pan-American Junior Champion, Mexico 2010
Bronze medalist at Youth Olympic Games 2010 in Singapore, Team event

Tiki Kastor
Medalist at NACs
Div II, Div III Silver Medalist
2009-2010 Junior Olympics Champion Team member
2009-2010 National Champion Team member
2010 Div IA Silver Medalist
2014 NCAA first team All American

Charles Copti
2009 cadet Summer Nationals Silver Medalist
2010 JO Champion Team member
2010 National Champion Team member
Bronze medalist of Cadet Pan-American Championships, Mexico 2010
2011 New Jersey High School Saber Champion

Stephen Moch
Junior NAC finalist, San Jose 2010
2010 JO Champion Team member
Pan-American Junior Championships Finalist, Mexico 2010

Eddie Chin
Cadet World Cups medalist and Junior World Cup finalist (2013 season)
2014 Junior Olympics Champion
Junior and Cadet NACs winner and finalist
2013 USA cadet national team member

Jessica Whang
2011 Y12 Summer National Champion
Silver Medalist at Youth World Cup, Poland 2011
2011 Y12 Portland NAC Champion
Y12 and Y14 Champion of Super Youth Circuits
Medalist at Summer Nationals 2009, 2010
Medalist at cadet and junior NACs 2009-2014

Rebecca Whang
2013 Y10 NAC Champion
2014 Y12 NAC finalist
Y10 Champion and Y12 finalist of Super Youth Circuits

Stephen Kim
2013 Y10 NAC Champion
2013 Y10 Youth World Cup Champion, Wroclaw Poland
Y10 Champion of Super Youth Circuits

William Owens
Finalist at Youth World Cup, Poland 2013
2014 Y10 NAC silver medalist
2014 Y10 Youth World Cup silver medal, Poland
2014 Y10 Champion and Y12 finalist of Super Youth Circuits
2014 Y10 RYC Champion

Celine Owens
2014 Y10 NAC finalist
2014 Y10 SYC finalist

Jordan Silberzweig
2014 Y10 NAC finalist
2014 Super Youth Circuits finalist

Jason Oh
2014 Div 3 NAC silver medalist
2014 Y14 Youth World Cup bronze medalist, Poland

Ben Stone
Y10, Y12, and Y14 NACs medalist
Y14 Champion and medalist of Super Youth Circuits