Mission Fencing’s SYC 2015 Rocky Point, NY

Congrats to all the MFC fencers who competed and fenced so well at the Mission Fencing’s SYC. Thank you to coaches Sergey Isayenko, Kern Hast, Nellya Sevostyanova and Bogdan Gurinenko, who were able to attend the event and coach all fencers. Shout out to our top finishers Ethan Frishman, Harrison Owens, Eileen Ye, Montana Lee, Maria Stamos, Rebecca Whang, George Bivins II, Alan Yan and Sarah Prilutsky.

Y10 Men’s Saber
Ethan Frishman- Silver Medal
Harrison Owens- Bronze Medal
Darius Lukashenko- 8th Place
Cyrus Eracshaw- 9th Placce

Y10 Women’s Foil
Eileen Ye- Silver Medal
Montana Lee- Bronze Medal
Anna Rebecca Ferretti- 13th Place

Y12 Men’s Foil
Carter Hodges- 10th Place

Y12 Men’s Saber
Eli Bacon- 6th Place
Jordan Silberzweig- 7th Place
William Owens- 8th Place

Y12 Women’s Foil
Maria Stamos- Silver Medal
Karina Yaroshenko- 14th Place

Y12 Women’s Saber
Rebecca Whang- Bronze Medal
Juiszelle Bienvenu- 5th Place
Juliana Weber- 11th Place

Y14 Men’s Foil
Emerson Blutt- 16th Place

Y14 Men’s Saber
George Bivins II- Silver Medal
Alan Yan- Bronze Medal
Stepan Sevostyanov- 6th Place
Devin Chu- 15th Place
Stephen Kim- 16th Place

Y14 Women’s Foil
Sarah Prilutsky- Bronze Medal

Y14 Women’s Saber
Rebecca Whang- Bronze Medal