Misha Shimshovich (Saber)Misha-Shimshovich

Coach Misha Shimshovich graduated with a Masters degree from the Kiev Institute of Physical Education in Ukraine. He was a member the Junior and Senior Ukrainian National Team and a member of USSR Junior National Team. Misha earned an Honored Coach of Ukraine title in 1993, which is an official recognition of coaching achievements.

He was the first one to organize a fencing program for kids as young as 6 years old in Kiev High School 77. This program produced an Olympic Champion, Vadim Gutzaik, and many National and World Champions for the years to follow. As head coach of the Ukrainian National Team, his students included George Pogosov, winner of the 1992 Olympics in Madrid.

In addition to MFC, Misha is the assistant coach for the St. Johns University 2001 NCAA Championship Team and organized an adult beginner program at the Fencers Club which was listed in the New York Times in 2006. He has numerous current students who are medalists and winners of National Championships and were finalists at the Veteran World Championships in 2014 and 2016. In addition, numerous of his students have been accepted to the best universities in the country including Yale, Stanford, Brown, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, and many more.

Notable students:

Alex Diacou – Silver Medalist 2007 Division IA National Championship.

Niko Diacou – 2001 & 2002 Gold Medal Open Men’s Saber Team, Silver Medalist Division ll 2007 National Championships.

Katie Arden – Silver Medalist Division lll 2006 National Championships.

Randy Alevi – Silver Medalist 2006 Division II National Championships.

Robin Perniice – Four time Gold Medalist Veterans National Champion.VI place Word Veterans Championship 2016.

Judith Cummins – Two time Gold Medalist Veterans National Championship, V place Veterans World Championship 2006.

Johny Arden – Bronze Medalist 2007 Division lll National Championship.

Jeannine Bender – Gold Medalist 2014 Veterans National Championship, II place Veterans World Championship 2014.

Samuel Austin II Place Division I A National Championship. 2011.

William Jin III place Division III National Championship 2016.