Lessons and Classes

The MFC fencing program consists of a combination of private lessons, group classes, open bouting, camps and tournaments.

Recreational fencers typically attend one to two times per week while competitive fencers attend three to four times per week. If you are a beginner, check out our introductory packages. If you are not a beginner, check out our memberships and contact us with any questions.

Group Classes

  • Classes for musketeers (4-6), beginner youth (7-12), beginner adults (18+) are 1hr in length, all equipment is provided.
  • Classes for intermediate. competitive and elite fencers are 1.5hrs in length. All intermediate and above fencers must have their own electric equipment.
  • Registration for classes is done on the students online account. Cancellation is 48hrs for all classes.

Private lessons

  • Lessons are one on one with the coach for 20 or 40 minute intervals.
  • Club members can sign up for lessons using their online accounts.
  • Non members can sign up for lessons by calling the office.
  • Cancellation is 48hrs for all private lessons.

To schedule your first lesson or class, please contact us and fill out our new student registration form.