2015 National Championships & July Challenge San Jose, CA

Congrats to all the MFC fencers who competed and fenced so well at the July NAC & Championship. Thank you to coaches Yury Gelman, Sergey Isayenko, Andrew Lamianski, Dmitry Ronzhin,  Dagmara Wozniak, Nellya Sevostyanova, Oleg Brusilovsky and Bogdan Gurinenko. Shout out to our top finishers Jason Oh, Ben Natanzon, Daryl Homer, Elysia Wang, Natalia Oblonsky, Donna Pepe, Devin Chu and Veronica Czyzewski.

Div I Women’s Saber
Margaret McDonald- 8th Place
Jessica Whang- 15th Place
Elizabeth Whang- 16th Place

Cadet Men’s Saber
Jason Oh- Bronze Medal

Junior Men’s Saber
Ben Natanzon- Gold Medal
Jonathan Fitzgerald- 8th Place

Div I Men’s Saber
Daryl Homer- Silver Medal
Ben Natanzon- 6th Place

Cadet Women’s Saber
Elizabeth Tartakovsky- 5th Place

Senior Team Men’s Saber
MFC1: Mills, Natanzon, Slawinski, Chen- 5th Place
Fencing in the Schools: Hofing, Morehouse, Stone, Tuckman- 15th Place

Div I-A Men’s Saber
Jason Oh- 15th Place

Vet- 60 Men’s Saber
Jacaeber Kastor- 7th Place

Division I-A Women’s Saber
Elysia Wang- Silver Medal
Jessica Rockford- 11th Place
Megan Buteau- 16ht Place

Vet- 40 Women’s Saber
Natalia Oblonsky- Bronze Medal|
Frauke Berman- 6th Place

Vet- 50 Women’s Saber
Donna Pepe- Gold Medal
Katia Schlienger- 13th Place
Angela Diegel- 16th Place

Junior Women’s Saber
Jessica Rockford- 12th Place
Jessica Whang- 15th Place

Y12 Men’s Saber
Elden Wood- 14th Place
Jordan Silberzweig- 8th Place

Vet- 40 Men’s Saber
Louis Montorio- 7th Place
Alexander Dvorin- 10th Place
Kevin Chu- 11th Place
Michael Bacon- 14th Place

Y14 Men’s Saber
Devin Chu- Bronze Medal

Div II Women’s Saber
Therese Mills- 8th Place
Naomi Cebula- 15th Place

Y14 Women’s Saber
Veronica Czyzewski- Bronze Medal
Nora Burke- 12th Place
Rebbeca Whang- 16th Place

Y10 Women’s Foil
Montana Lee- 9th Place
Eileen Ye- 13th Place

Y12 Women’s Foil
Maria Stamos- 9th Place

Div II Men’s Saber
Jason Oh- Gold Medal
PJ Tuckman- 7th Place

Y10 Men’s Foil
Alexander Skrypek- 13th Place

Y10 Women’s Saber
Hava Stone- 12th Place

Y14 Women’s Foil
Maria Stamos- 6th Place

Y10 Men’s Saber
Elden Wood- 12th Place
Luca Berman- 16th Place

Y12 Women’s Saber
Stella Berman- 15th Place